Since 2001, Computing Designs Inc. offers you a level of service and printing expertise you won't find elsewhere. 
We actually use Mitsubishi printers and build workstations using Mitsubishi printers
We are an Authorized Mitsubishi Printer Repair Center, both photographic and thermal industrial. 
Your work flow process is as important as the products you use.   Buy from a company that's experienced in both. 

Hours - Mon-Fri 8AM-7PM Eastern, Nights & Weekends for media - by appointment

Warranty on Used or Demo Equipment -
There are NO refunds on used or demo equipment.  The warranty is a repair only warranty.
Some Demo printers may have a full or partial Mitsubishi Warranty.  The ad will state what is left.
All printers are cleaned and tested thoroughly before being shipped.
Unless otherwise stated, the warranty is valid for 30 days of receipt of printer or 1000 prints, whichever comes first.

Drop Shipment Policy - 
All drop shipment orders require a Sales Tax Certificate for the state which your order is being shipped to. 
More and more states are starting to require the collection of sales tax from orders we drop ship. 
Therefore, we can no longer drop ship without your sales tax certificate on file.  Thank you.

Our Return Policy - 
We must be notified within 7 days of receiving your merchandise to be eligible for the following refunds

Hardware (Printers, computers etc)

New - items sold as new may be returned for a full credit if unopened, unused and no manufacturers rebates have been applied for.  Once an item has been used, we will impose a 35% restocking fee because the item is no longer new and we must now sell it as used.

Used - items sold as used or demo may NOT be returned for any reason.


No refunds of any kind on software.  


Only full unopened and unused boxes of ribbon/media will be accepted.  On occasion, we may have a customer who will take an opened box, so call us for details


In all cases, shipping charges from the original order are not refundable and the customer is responsible for return shipping.


Computing Designs Inc. is a supplier of digital dye sublimation event printers and supplies from Mitsubishi, Shinko and more.
Products include Mitsubishi CPD70DW CPD80DW CPD707DW CP3800DW CP9810DW and CP9550DW printers,
Mitsubishi CKD868 CKD746 CKD757 CKD768 CK3810 CK3812 CK9046 CK9057 and CK9069 media.
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