On Site Printing Services

- We charge a flat hourly rate per person for labor at events, four hour minimum
- If you need additional printers, printer rental is per day
- Laptop with printing software for our staff also rents per day
- If you need text or logos added to the photos, you must have the jpgs to us no later than one week prior to the event.  There is a flat $50 charge for template creations using your jpgs.
- Boxes of paper sell for the same price as stated on our website.  Since you are buying it by the box, you keep what does not get used during the event.
- Full payment is due one week prior to the event.

If you would like an estimate, please call or email us at cdi@cfl.rr.com with the Date, Time and Location of your event.
If you will need paper, tell us the size you want to print and the number of prints.
NOTE - No contract for rentals or services exists without a paid event invoice.


If you are new to Digital Photography

- We don't just sell products, we know how digital photography works.  
Our staff actually works at events and does on site event printing.

- Let the staff of Computing Designs Inc. help design a system that best fits your style of photography 
without breaking your budget.  From professional printers, to viewing stations, to software,
whatever you need help with, we can design it for you.

- We also build custom servers to solve your photographic storage needs.


Computing Designs Inc. is a supplier of digital dye sublimation event printers and supplies from Mitsubishi, Shinko and more.
Products include Mitsubishi CPD70DW CPD80DW CPD707DW CP3800DW CP9810DW and CP9550DW printers,
Mitsubishi CKD868 CKD746 CKD757 CKD768 CK3810 CK3812 CK9046 CK9057 and CK9069 media.